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  • 10.1 inch RoomGuide
  • Glass or wallmount
  • Updates + security
  • Facilitor
  • Google Calendar
  • Office365
  • Outlook/Exchange
  • Axxerion
  • FM Insight
  • MyTimetable
  • Planon
  • Scienta Syllabus Plus
  • ServiceNOW
  • Topdesk
  • Ultimo
  • 1x editor
  • Display automatic on/off
  • Images
  • Weather forecast
  • Video
  • YouTube
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Corporate colors
  • No startup costs
  • Monthly amount calculated with 48 months
  • Guaranty 24 months carry-in
  • 2 hours helpdesk support
  • prices excl. VAT.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! You can also purchase the hardware and software separately. You then pay one time for the RoomGuide and annual for the subscriptions. But you can also choose to fully lease the solution.
Of course! The RoomGuide panels connect directly to your calendar backend. This server can be on-premise or off-premise. It is also possible to use SaaS services like Facilitor or Office365.
Every RoomGuide panel is linked to 1 calendar backend. You can define for each panel to wich backend it connects to.
Example: Room 1.00 Office365 en Room 2.00 Facilitor
When your calendar is connected to the RoomGuide there is no maintenance needed. LeftClick provides all updates to keep your system secure and functional. Connecting a RoomGuide to your calendar it does not take more then 10 minutes per RoomGuide.
Of course we provide support with our dealer network. By default you receive support with good documentation so you are ensured of a quick implementation.
IT products don't last forever. Our products are selected by durability to ensure careless usage during the years. 4 yours is our advice to replace the product. When you have choosen for financial lease you will receive new RoomGuides at contract renewal.
Imagine your organisation has a open day or a event where you have a lot of visitors. You have the option to change the content on the RoomGuide to relevant content for the event. This will provide extra ambiance for your visitors. Do you have a room permanently booked for a customer you can also put on the logo of other media to make your customer feel extra welcome.
Of course! With our digital signage products we have default templates available for each backend. Check LeftClick Digital Signage for more information.
We have connections with many calendar backend by default. However it may occur that your backend is not available by default. LeftClick can connect to every calendar backend which has a API (SOAP/REST/Webservice) available. Contact one of our employees for more details and possibilities.

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