RoomGuide: efficiently manage your meeting rooms

Managing halls and meeting rooms demands a great deal of your organisation. Respond quickly to the question of whether a room is available or refer people to the right room. This takes time and could often be clearer. Make it easier for your visitors and your staff with the RoomGuide reservation system.


With RoomGuide, it is always clear whether a room is available. The RoomGuide displays indicate what (meeting) room is available. The room can be reserved or released on the spot. In that way, it is always clear for everyone what room they can use.


RoomGuide helps you utilise your meeting rooms optimally. RoomGuide is:

  • Flexible: connection with building management system and AV automation.
  • Efficient: higher capacity utilisation of halls and meeting rooms.
  • Versatile: can also be used, for example, for digital signage.
(RoomGuide LC5102R)

The installation and placement of RoomGuide is smart, simple and has a professional appearance:

  • Power over Ethernet; requires only a network cable.
  • Completely flat mounting on glass or wall, without a VESA mount.
  • No visible cables and switches.
(RoomGuide LC5102R)

Safety and a sustainable system were the spearheads during the development of RoomGuide:

  • High-quality, sustainable, aluminium enclosure.
  • Linux custom OS, therefore always up to date with safety updates.
  • All updates entirely automatic through the network.
  • ISO 27001-27002 NEN 7510.
  • Hardware available for at least five years.
(RoomGuide LC5102R)

RoomGuide works together seamlessly with all conventional digital scheduling systems:

  • Axxerion
  • Facilitor
  • FM Insight
  • Google Calendar
  • MyTimetable
  • Office365
  • Outlook/Exchange
  • Planon
  • Scienta Syllabus Plus
  • ServiceNOW
  • Topdesk
  • ServiceNOW
  • Topdesk
  • Ultimo

Also, linking to your own digital agenda is almost always possible.

However, RoomGuide is more than a reservation system and can also be linked to your room operating system, such as:

  • AMX
  • Crestron
  • Extron
  • Philips HUE
(Flexible configuraties)

RoomGuide is a multifunctional system. The system is set up as an open system to serve as narrowcasting/digital signage or digital signposting in addition to providing room reservations. Thanks to the API, various other connections are also possible. Would you like a connection with your own system? If so, discuss it with us. Chances are that the connection is very much possible.

(Multifunctioneel systeem)